Messenger provides users with the best way to enjoy social networking with high quality video and voice calls.

Now you can reach the people you care about for free, whether they are on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or computer, thanks to Facebook Messenger. This is a messaging service app that enables users to enjoy text, voice and video communication with ease. Messenger is a must have app for individuals who enjoy sharing information through voice calls, video calls and text messages.


Facebook Messenger Features

Powerful Search:

The hardest part in any social networking services involves the process of finding other users. However, with Facebook Messenger, most of your friends and relatives are already signed up, and you can easily find them through the search feature.

Facebook Messenger Notifies Users When Friends Reads Their Messages:

Each sent messages gets a blue check mark when it is delivered to the recipient, and it features a tiny user icon that appears just next to the message.

Send and Share Files with Just One Tap:

Messenger allows users to shoot videos and photos right from the application and forward them to others.

Chat Heads:

This refers to the round icon which hovers over the Messenger and the home screen. It provides fast access Facebook Messenger and enables you to keep your conversations going as you enjoy using other apps on your phone.

Group Chat:

Messenger allows you to create groups for your favorite contacts. Name the contacts, set a group profile photos and keep all your favorite contacts in one place. An added advantage is that you can also remove yourself from a particular group.

Free Video and Voice Calls:

Facebook Messenger supports free calls over Wi-Fi. You will be able to talk to your friends or relatives as long as you want, both domestically and internationally.

Location Awareness:

You can turn on location so as to let the people know when you are nearby.


The shortcuts provide users with the best way to get to their conversations right from their home screen.


  • You can turn off the notifications when sleeping or working.
  • The app is available for free download and is easy to install and use.
  • You can contact all the people in your phonebook and not only Facebook contacts.
  • Users can preview their gallery videos and photos without having to leave their conversations.
  • You can share the photos or messages with the people who were not in the conversation.
  • Messenger enables you to see the contacts that are available on Facebook or those who are active on Messenger.
  • You can never miss a message as long as you are signed-in.
  • Messages are sent and received instantly.
  • You can customize your messages with stickers before you can send them.
  • The apps interface is brilliant. Files received from friends stand out even more.
  • Facebook account is not a must have in order to use this amazing app.


  • Standard data charges apply on calls which are not over the Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

With over 800 million monthly active users as reported by Facebook in January 2016, Messenger provides users with the best way to enjoy social networking with almost all the people in their life. Its video and voice calls are of high quality compared to the cellular video or voice calls. Download Facebook Messenger and enjoy all the benefits that it comes with.


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